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Choosing Car Floor Mats: Husky Liners vs Weathertech vs U-Guard

If you’re unsure about which car floor mats to buy and are tempted to quickly purchase them on Amazon, hold on a moment. It might be worth visiting your dealership or one of our shops first. Not all floor mats are the same, and there are several important factors to consider before spending your money on any set.

This article will guide you in choosing the best floor mats for your vehicle. We’ll focus on three top-quality brands: Husky Liners, Weathertech, and U-Guard. Let’s see how they measure up!

The 5 key features of quality car floor mats

  1. Fit: A great floor mat fits perfectly in your vehicle, covering both front and back areas without slipping or leaving any spots uncovered. It should mold to your car’s floor as if it was custom-made.
  2. Protection: The main purpose of a floor mat is to protect your car’s interior from water, mud, salt, and other elements. The best mats capture and contain these effectively.
  3. Ease of cleaning: Choose a mat that you can easily clean with a hose, not one that retains dirt and spills.
  4. Durability: A good floor mat is tough, withstands wear and tear, and lasts through all seasons for many years.
  5. Safety: Safety is crucial. The mat should never slip under your pedals and must always stay securely in place.


Weathertech mats are renowned for their precise fit, tailored to each vehicle using laser measurements. This ensures that each mat fits perfectly, like a glove.

These mats are made from high-density tri-extruded material, providing excellent protection against liquids and debris. They feature channels that divert spills away from your feet, keeping the interior clean.

Cleaning Weathertech mats is straightforward: simply remove them, hose them down, and they’re ready to use again. Despite the common belief, not all mats are this easy to clean; the material quality really makes a difference!

Weathertech mats are durable, designed to withstand extreme temperatures without cracking or becoming rigid, and are expected to last as long as your vehicle does. They also feature patented anti-skid ridges to keep the mats securely in place, ensuring safety and comfort while driving, particularly in winter.


Precision fit for each specific vehicle.
Excellent protection against spills and debris.
Easy to clean and maintain.
Durable material that withstands extreme temperatures.


Generally more expensive than other brands.
Limited choices in style and color.

Husky Liners

Like Weathertech, Husky Liners are custom-fit to provide edge-to-edge coverage. They snugly fit into your vehicle, preventing any shifting. The mats feature raised edges that effectively contain spills and dirt, thanks to their rugged design.

Made from a durable, rubberized material, Husky Liners are easy to clean—simply shake them off and hose them down. They’re crafted to be long-lasting and resist wear in all environments. This durability saves you money over time and reduces environmental waste.

The mats also include StayPut™ Cleats to keep them securely in place, enhancing safety by preventing any underfoot shifting.


Excellent value for high-quality mats.
Custom-fit ensures comprehensive floor coverage.
Resilient and easy to clean.


Fit may not be as precise as Weathertech mats for some vehicles.
The design might be less attractive compared to other top brands.

U-Guard Floor Mats

U-Guard floor mats are designed with a semi-custom fit, which accommodates a wide range of vehicles and provides substantial coverage and protection. Similar to Husky Liners and Weathertech, U-Guard mats protect against spills and dirt, but they use a less rigid material that still manages to contain messes effectively.

Maintaining U-Guard mats is straightforward; they can be easily cleaned with a quick hose down or a simple wipe. These mats are equipped with anti-slip features, ensuring they stay securely in place during use.


Attractively priced, offering great value for budget-conscious consumers.
Provides good protection and is easy to maintain.
Offers a variety of designs, allowing for more personalization.


The semi-custom fit might not be as snug as those offered by other brands.

The downsides of buying from Amazon

While Amazon offers convenience and a broad selection, it comes with risks such as the potential for receiving counterfeit products and the likelihood of a mismatched fit due to generic listings.

Additionally, Amazon lacks the expert guidance that can make a crucial difference in selecting the appropriate mats for your vehicle’s specific needs.

Why choose UniglassPlus for your car floor mats?

We offer a comprehensive car care experience with benefits that go beyond just purchasing quality floor mats. When you choose us, you’re assured of expert advice, free installation, and access to top-tier brands like Husky Liners, Weathertech, and U-Guard, ensuring a perfect fit for your vehicle.

Expert advice: Our specialists provide personalized guidance to help you select the best mats for your vehicle.
Free installation: Enjoy complimentary installation services that guarantee a flawless fit.
Quality selection: We offer a curated selection of high-quality brands, renowned for their durability and performance.

Shopping with us also means supporting a local business, ensuring you receive a level of personalized service that large online retailers can’t match.

Uniglass Plus is more than a retailer—it’s a partner in your vehicle’s ongoing care. From floor mats to windshield repairs and rust proofing, we ensure your car is protected and maintained to the highest standard.

Ready to protect your ride with the perfect car mats? Find a Uniglass Plus location near you.