Remote Starter Installation Service

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If you are looking for a remote starter, the choice may seem overwhelming because vehicles are becoming increasingly sophisticated in terms of their electronic components. You can trust UniglassPlus/Ziebart to help you make the right choice. Our highly competent technicians are certified, and they undergo continuous training to be familiar with the latest technologies.

Remote starters come in a variety of models. Some can be programmed,  have various features, and their range may vary. All this may  affect the price.

Basically, there are three types of devices

Smart remote starter

With the latest developments in smartphone technology, your smartphone can now start your car, lock and unlock its doors, and much more!

Smart Remote Starter UniglassPlus

Once you have established that you have a compatible device (iPhone, Android), you will need to have a starting module installed in your vehicle. Next, you just download the mobile app for your phone, and you can then start your vehicle from virtually anywhere … you don’t even have to be near your car, just connected to a 4G or Wi-Fi network. You can also add the technology to an existing remote starter after checking for compatibility. The application eliminates the need for carrying a transmitter. You can also lock and unlock your car using your smartphone.

With certain models of this range of products (such as the SmartStart system), in addition to remote starting your vehicle and opening and locking doors, you can start your car early if weather is an issue, accurately locate it (for example, if it is stolen), and with the detailed information you can get about your car, set speed limits, and more.

For more information on smart car starters, contact a UniglassPlus expert.

Two-way remote starter

These remote starters communicate information about your vehicle to you via a remote transmitter. The information can include interior temperature, battery voltage, open doors, shock sensor alert, open hood, locked or unlocked doors. The transmitter can also tell time and be used as an alarm clock. Transmitters for these remotes are typically larger and feature an LCD screen that clearly displays your vehicle information. These models are in the higher-end price range.

What is transmitter range?

Another major difference in the price of remote starters has to do with range. Most entry-level models have a range of about 800 feet while premium models can have a range of 3,000 feet or more.

Why would you ever need more than a 240-metre range?

For every physical barrier the signal comes into contact with (wall or window), the signal range drops by about half. If you were at home, 240 metres would be plenty of range. However, think about those times you would want to start your vehicle from inside your office, sitting at a table in a restaurant, inside the mall, or even from the locker room at your gym.

As an example, if you were in your office and wanted to start your vehicle which was about 275 metres away, but the signal had to go through a wall and a window to reach it, you would need a remote starter with a range of about 900 metres. So it’s important to determine how and where you will use your remote starter. At UniglassPlus/Ziebart, we can help you purchase the remote keyless entry model that is right for your car.

A device with a more limited range (one-way model) enables you to start your car at home without any problems. However, in a number of other situations away from home, a model with a longer range may be necessary.

One-way remote starter

These remotes communicate with your vehicle using a smaller device. You press a button, sending a signal from the remote transmitter to the remote starter module in the vehicle, and it starts your vehicle. These models are priced at the entry-level range. There are a number of models in this category. Models at the basic level are usually one-button remote starters that simply start your vehicle. As you move up in price, you can add these features:

  • Additional remote transmitters
  • Door lock and unlock
  • Trunk release—a simple convenience when your hands are full
  • Panic button—draw attention to yourself should you feel the need
  • Valet mode— to disable the remote starter so your mechanic can work on the vehicle safely
  • Car locator—prompts your horn and flashes the lights
  • Extended range - enjoy a greater remote strating distance