Regards to the future

Regards to the future


It is with regards to our future that Uniban Canada attended the last

This international convention aims to be the largest gathering in the world for individuals and companies who are particularly interested in consumer technology.

CES creates a vibrant and feverish atmosphere with its 160,498 participants, its 3,673 exhibitors and its introduction of more than 20,000 new products in a total area of 2.06 million square feet.

The future of automotive technology, which was in the top 10 of categories exposed, was a major hub in the CES. Therefore, the relevance and depth of content, which were largely presented on the show floor and throughout conferences were outstanding and especially imposing.

Moreover, the top 10 product categories presented consisted of; accessories, computer software and hardware, "other" consumer technologies, wireless devices, audio, embedded technologies, tablets and finally, high audio performance.

It is undeniable that the future guidelines of the automotive market have been drafted. They include an important increase in integrated technology that will ultimately require some changes regarding the expectations and needs of consumers in the aftermarket industry.

Uniban Canada is proud to have capitalized on the visibility offered by CES and to be a part of the actors involved in building the future of the automotive aftermarket industry.

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