Why are we changing our logo?

There is a lot going on at VitroPlus / UniglassPlus / Ziebart these days, the marketing and operations team are preparing for a major transformation, which all begins with our logo. This logo change is not just an esthetic update as many might think. The objective is for our current and future customers to better understand who we are and we desired to find a way to share our core values with our clients in everything we do. We were looking for a way to demonstrate that we are car lovers as well as friendly and we have taken our time with this process of redefinition...
Doing business with one of our franchisees is doing business directly with the owner of his/her own company which ensures they will always be there to make certain that customers receive the best service they could possibly get.
We are very proud of the work we have put in and we are excited to announce that you will be among the first to witness what we’ve come up with for VitroPlus / UniglassPlus / Ziebart next Monday!

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