4 Types of Ziebart Rust Protection

4 Types of Ziebart Rust Protection

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Time to demystify the Ziebart rust treatment! There are 4 different products and some can be combined to get a better and longer lasting protection.

Formula Q®

Do you have a car which is less than 30 months removed from the date of manufacture or in very good condition and you wish to keep it for longer than 4 years? This product rubberizes the underside of the car to seal out moisture and to protect against road travel damage. It can be coupled with ZeeGuard® or Penetr-Oil® for complete rust protection.


An upper body rust proofing product that is sprayed into the openings of your vehicle as specified by the manufacturer. If your car is eligible, combine this product with Formula Q® in order to obtain a permanent rust protection which includes a 10 year warranty. (Details in store)


An annual rust proofing treatment, oil based, which is applied to the upper body of your vehicle, penetrating and protecting seams of doors and other trouble areas. It can also be applied to the underside of the vehicle or be combined with Formula Q® if the vehicle is eligible. (See store for details)

Rust Eliminator

A product applied to areas that already show signs of rust. After the problem areas have been cleaned properly with a wire brush or wheel, the product is sprayed on the affected zone. The rust is transformed and neutralized, forming a protective layer. Rust Eliminator is compatible with all our rustproofing products.

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