What we have to offer

To help you succeed and to ensure the growth of your store, Uniban has established a complete operational structure providing maximum support for the entire network. In support of this structure all UniglassPlus/Ziebart franchisees make annual contributions to a pooled fund for maintaining services such as business development, marketing, and training.

  • Uniban National League

Franchisor Uniban Canada created the UNL, a new management model, to encourage competitiveness, training, and mentoring among UniglassPlus/Ziebart and VitroPlus/Ziebart (in Quebec) franchisees and to increase store profitability and the quality of service offered to customers. Like the National Hockey League, a number of matches are held throughout the year, and at the end of a season, the best teams reap the rewards of their store’s profitability through activities (galas, trophies, and trips).

The UNL structure:

Territory Manager/Coach

Within the UNL, managers work with each store targeting increased profitability, increased customer service, business plans, sales support, business development, administrative tasks, and store compliance.

Marketing Support

All print and digital advertising needs are met by a team (a marketing consultant, a graphic designer, and a Web specialist) made available to franchisees. These specialists advise franchisees in planning and carrying out regional and local marketing activities while helping develop strategy and producing advertising material both nationally and locally. They also provide expertise on showroom design and visual layout, and on building exteriors.

The Internet is ubiquitous and as such is an integral part of our customers’ everyday lives. Consequently, as a franchisee, you will automatically have a local Web page with a listing built on our brand’s reputation and sustained e-marketing efforts.

Uniban Academy - Training

Markets and employees are constantly changing, making training and development essential to our stores’ success and to attaining UNL objectives. Yet time is in short supply for business owners. Through its Academy, Uniban offers the training you need for new employees and for perfecting your teams.

On an ongoing basis, the Academy offers online training for positions at all levels. There is a wide variety of topics, each approached according to franchisees’ operational needs.


  • Coop Vitro M.A.G.

All Uniban network franchisees are members of Coop Vitro M.A.G. which provides numerous advantages for the owner and employees, including

  • Access to an online bookstore to order stationery, brochures, notebooks, pads, and other materials
  • Group insurance and travel insurance
  • Advantageous payroll management solutions
  • Group RRSP


  • Partnering with insurance companies

Uniban Canada is a Canadian leader in auto glass claims management, managing thousands of claims annually. We created a claims management system for our partners in the insurance industry and maintain excellent relations with them. At the same time, we encourage our franchisees to build and maintain valued professional ties with local brokers.

We own and operate an insurance call centre and if a call involves auto glass repair or replacement, we immediately direct it to the nearest UniglassPlus/Ziebart store. Our stores also offer theft protection solutions that complement our other auto glass products and services.