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Everything You Need to Know About Windshield Insurance Repair or Replacement Claims

If your windshield is damaged in an incident, your first instinct should be to directly contact your UniglassPlus workshop. Our team of experts will do everything to make the insurance claim process simple and fast for you. You usually only have to pay the deductible amount specified in your policy, if applicable.

Here is an overview of what this involves.

Claim processing

Is it a glass breakage or a collision?

Auto glass breakage includes any damage limited to the windshield and windows of the vehicle, including the sunroof. Your UniglassPlus workshop will report the incident to your insurer so that your case is immediately taken over by claim specialists.

If your vehicle has suffered other damage besides the glass – notably to the body – the process may be a bit more complex. After your UniglassPlus workshop has reported the event to your insurance company, they might assign a claims expert to your case. This person will communicate directly with you for the next steps.

How does a claim for glass repair or replacement proceed?

First, you need to provide some information to your UniglassPlus workshop, including:

– Your policy number (or certain personal information to confirm your identity).

– The date and cause of the breakage.

– The brand, model, and year of the vehicle.

– The vehicle’s serial number.

– The vehicle’s mileage and license plate.

Our team then communicates with a claim agent who checks the coverage of your policy and the amount of the deductible, if applicable. Once the claim is accepted by your insurance company, a work order is sent directly to your UniglassPlus workshop. At the end of the repair or replacement, you only have to pay the deductible at the workshop (if applicable) — your insurer covers the rest of the costs.

Required documentation for insurance claims

What documents are needed for a windshield repair or replacement claim?

None! Claim specialists already have access to all the information in your file with your insurer, including your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and your policy number. You just need to contact your UniglassPlus workshop and answer questions about the circumstances of the incident.

However, your information with your insurance company must be up-to-date! Be sure to notify them of any changes in your situation, such as acquiring a new vehicle or adding an additional driver. Otherwise, a potential conflict between the information in your file and the circumstances of an incident could delay or prevent the processing of your claim.

Claim processing time

What is the typical timeframe for processing a windshield repair or replacement insurance claim?

It usually takes just a few minutes. Additional delays can be expected if the information in your insurance file is incorrect or has not been updated.

Coverage and Costs for Windshield Replacement

What determines the amount of coverage for a windshield replacement?

The costs are standardized and preset in a vast computerized catalog used by most Canadian insurance companies. This catalog determines the model of the glass and accessories (e.g., molding) to be installed, as well as the cost of parts and labor. By entering the vehicle’s serial number, all this information is automatically generated.

What are the costs for the insured person?

When coverage applies, you usually just have to pay the deductible amount indicated in the contract, which varies depending on the vehicle’s value and the conditions specified in each insured’s policy.

Are there circumstances where a windshield replacement would not be covered by insurance?

Yes, depending on the type of policy and endorsements included, certain restrictions may apply.

Tips for protecting your auto glass

How can damage to the windshield and car windows be avoided?

Here are some simple preventive measures:

Use appropriate cleaning products and tools. Cleaners with ammonia or too high a concentration, as well as abrasive materials, can damage glass surfaces. Instead, apply maintenance products recommended by your manufacturer using a microfiber cloth.

Replace your wiper blades as soon as they show signs of wear. Worn rubber can scratch your windshield.