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UniglassPlus has been providing innovative auto glass solutions and quality products and services to Canadians for decades. We are dedicated to your security, protection, and comfort, and strive for transparent, trustworthy customer service that is as solid as our windshields.

Know when to replace your windshield

Size and Type

Small chips and cracks, such as a bullseye or a small star can generally be repaired easily. Most impacts smaller than a toonie are good candidates for repairs. Cracks and fissures, bigger impact marks, and spider webs may require a full windshield replacement.


A windshield replacement is typically required for cracks located in the driver's line of vision, an area approximately 30 cm above the middle of the steering wheel. A repair may be possible, but they can often reflect sun glare, significantly impairing your vision.

Because they often weaken the structural components of the glass and have a tendency to spread faster, cracks that have extended to less than 4 cm from the edge or corner of the windshield often require replacement.


If left unattended for too long, a chip can quickly expand into a crack.

How does a chip become a crack?

If a chip or scratch is not addressed, it usually will spread into a nasty crack. Temperature or pressure changes, defects and road wear and tear can aggravate the situation and cause a tiny chip or crack to become a large crack running across the windshield.

Over time, distress from dirt and water buildup, windshield wipers, wind and road debris can cause the chip to expand and become more difficult to repair. If the chip collects too much dirt, it can even become impossible to repair at all.

Be careful not to put pressure on the impact spot from the inside of your car! The concave design of a windshield makes it very strong from the outside and more vulnerable from the inside.

Stress cracks requires windshield replacement

Although most fractures are caused by impacts of debris making contact with the glass at high speed, a thin stress crack can appear overnight. A stress crack has no point of impact and requires a windshield replacement most of the time, as it will quickly reach the critical 3-inch mark. The most common causes of stress cracks are:

Temperature changes:

Sudden and drastic temperature changes are the most common causes of stress cracks. Refrain from melting an icy windshield with boiling water or washing hot glass with cold water.

Structural defects:

Windshields consist of 2 layers of glass and a plastic interlayer pressured together with a powerful adhesive. Uneven pressure or structural weaknesses in either layer can cause stress cracks. Manufacturing defects or residual thermal stresses can cause the windshield to crack and shatter more easily.

Pressure changes:

Atmospheric pressure changes or wind pressure can also cause stress cracks at times, although it’s uncommon.

Your windshield can save your life

Your windshield is the 3rd most crucial safety component in your vehicle only behind seat belts and airbags. For instance, your windshield:

  • Deflects the passenger side airbag to deploy properly into the front seat passenger
  • Supports the roof in a rollover accident
  • Prevents passengers from being ejected from the vehicle in the case of an impact

These three things can be the difference between life and death. The windshield provides approximately 70% of the structural integrity of the vehicle. As such, it should be repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

Also, driving with a cracked windshield is not only dangerous, it can cost you money. Most provinces impose fines for driving with a damaged windshield.

Worried about insurance? Don’t be!

Don’t worry about your insurance claim for windshield replacement and repair. At UniglassPlus, we take care of your insurer from start to finish. Our partnerships with most insurance companies simplifies the claim process. Just make an appointment for a repair or replacement — we’ll contact your insurer and inform you of any deductible required.

Also, by filing a claim, you automatically benefit from the UniglassPlus Securi-ClearTM Warranty, which pays for any future repairs as long as you own your vehicle. No need to file claims to your insurer and no records in the IBC claim file for windshield repair under Securi-ClearTM.

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Lifetime Warranty for your Windshield

No time? Ask about our mobile service

Many UniglassPlus locations provide mobile services for windshield replacement and repair. Simply make an appointment and we’ll come and take care of your car right where you need us to, whether you are at home or at the office! Your local UniglassPlus may also offer a convenient valet service, ask about it!

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Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)

Most new and newer vehicles in Canada are equipped with some kind of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). These systems operate via a camera mounted on the windshield that warn drivers of impending dangers and also assist in making driving easier and reducing driving fatigue.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems require proper calibration performed by trained professionals in order to work properly. Calibration brings the Advanced Driver Assistance Systems back to the original manufacturer specifications. Proper calibration is essential, since the front facing cameras are displaced during a windshield replacement.

At UniglassPlus, our technicians use the most advanced and reliable equipment on the market and go through constant training in order to give you a dependable and professional service, and ensure your safety.

These are the most common ADAS Systems used by car manufacturers.

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Don’t settle for inferior products or installation

Your UniglassPlus technicians are experts in automotive glass repair and replacement and stay up to date with the latest technologies and techniques. We use only high quality windshields from OEE manufacturers recognized by the insurance industry. Our professional installation meets the highest safety standards.

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Find out why UniglassPlus is the number one automotive glass repair and replacement company in Canada.


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