Windshield Repair

Why replace your windshield when you can repair it?

If you have a stone chip or crack in your windshield, you may be able to repair it without going through the expense and inconvenience of having the windshield replaced. And most windshield repairs are covered by your insurance, often with no deductible. So, take action now and repair minor chips and cracks before they worsen and require the entire windshield to be replaced.

Repair or replace? Know the difference

Common types of chips and cracks can be repaired if they are less than the size of a toonie and do not directly impact the driver's line of sight. We identify the risk of a break in three categories:

Green: You have a minor crack in your windshield, but there is still time to repair it before it falls into the yellow or red category. Go to the nearest UniglassPlus location as soon as possible.

Yellow: This type of crack requires quick action or your windshield will need to be replaced. Delaying the repair will result in high and unnecessary costs.

Red: You must act now, and have your windshield repaired immediately. Otherwise, you're putting yourself and your passengers at risk.

UniglassPlus has extensive expertise in windshield repair. We follow proven and reliable procedures and our qualified technicians have undertaken training programs specifically to become “windshield experts”. We also stay up-to-date on new technologies and techniques.

Ask about our Securi-Clear™ warranty*!

Most insurance claims include our Securi-Clear™ warranty, which covers any future windshield repairs at no cost, as long as you own your vehicle. No matter the number of impacts, it's free for life! No cost to you, no cost to your insurer! No need to file additional claims to your insurer and no further records will be sent to the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) for windshield repairs.

*Some conditions may apply, ask your local UniglassPlus experts for details.

Do not wait until it’s too late!


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