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Trailer Hitch: which one to choose and why?


You dream of an RV trailer, like a camping trailer or a fifth wheel.  However, you are not equipped for the traction required on such vehicle? To have the best vacations with no worries and no risks, you must combine the right RV to your vehicle, and get the right trailer hitch. Here are some tips to choose a suitable trailer hitch!

Know the towing capacity of your vehicle

Every vehicle has its own towing capacity. It’s essential to find out with your dealer or on your user manual the capacity of yours. The year make and model, the modifications and other factors can all have an impact on your selection. Even if you own an SUV, it does not mean that you are able to tow a fifth wheel which weights a few thousand pounds for example.  This is a crucial element which should under no circumstances be underestimated!

Calculate the weight appropriately, without forgetting the additional charges!

The weight of your trailer is not the only factor to consider in the selection of a trailer hitch and appropriate towing equipment. Don’t forget to calculate the weight of the cargo: your equipment, luggage, etc. You can have your charged vehicle weighted in a garage or at a roadside inspection checkpoint.


Choose the right type of trailer hitch

Once the towing capacity is verified and respected, all you have to do is select the right trailer hitch.  Available in 5 classes, each one has its own maximum pulling capacity and a maximum vertical load (applied on the hitch mount).

Class 1 (ideal for compacts, sedans etc.)

• Maximum Towing Capacity: 2 000 lb

• Maximum vertical load: 200 lb


Class 2 (ideal for small SUV)

• Towing Capacity: 3 500 lb

• Maximum vertical load:  350 lb


Class 3 (ideal for big SUVS, Jeep type for example)

• Maximum Towing Capacity:  3 500, 5 000 or 10 000 lb

• Maximum vertical load: 350, 500 or 1 000 lb



• Maximum Towing Capacity: 12 000 lb

• Maximum vertical load: 1 000 to 1 200 lb


Class 5 (ideal for Commercial AND AGRICULTURAL vehicles)

• Maximum Towing Capacity: 13 000 to 17 000 lb

• Maximum vertical load: 1 300 to 1 700 lb


You have understood that you are not free to choose the hitch that you want. Depending on your type of vehicle and its towing capacity, only a few hitches are available, suitable and safe for your vehicle.

The important thing is to be in possession of all the useful information to make a sound choice, so you can enjoy a carefree vacation on the road!