Car GPS System Installation

Rediscover the joy of driving, thanks to a GPS!

A GPS is the perfect co-pilot. Enjoy driving while the GPS guides you to your destination.

Portable GPS Navigation System

Change the way you commute and travel. Simply plug this portable GPS navigation system into the cigarette lighter receptacle and enter your destination on the touchscreen. You can also find your favourite points of interest with the preloaded maps. A number of navigation units offer Bluetooth and real-time traffic information.

In-Dash GPS Navigation System

Replace your factory radio with a GPS and let it guide you. Our in-dash navigation systems offer full touchscreen control, easy-to-read LCD display, and turn-by-turn directions while adding  other features such as hands-free Bluetooth

Vehicle Tracking/Monitoring System

A vehicle tracking system is a must if you manage a fleet of vehicles. It can also be used for personal vehicles. For example, an email or text message to your cell phone informs you of how and where the car is used when your teenager is at the wheel.