Who we are

A profitable business model

If you would like to own your own business, Uniban Canada offers you the opportunity to become part of the UniglassPlus/Ziebart family. Joining us means becoming part of a leading national auto glass network and taking advantage of the expertise, support, and name of a company whose reputation was established in 1977.

At Uniban Canada, we are always on the lookout for good franchisees. 

Franchisor Uniban Canada

Uniban Canada is a Canadian leader in automotive glass, accessories, detailing, and protection—a network of some 100 service centres operating nationwide under the UniglassPlus/Ziebart banner across Canada (except Quebec), and the VitroPlus/Ziebart banner (in Quebec).

Our philosophy is based on professional expertise, quality products and services, product diversification, and customer satisfaction. At Uniban, we and our franchisees are committed to a common vision: to provide customers with the best customer experience possible. And since 1977, we have fulfilled that vision in meeting the automotive needs of Canadians.

We understand the needs of franchisees as well as the importance of maintaining close relationships with our stores. We work hand in hand to create new initiatives and to make them a reality; initiatives that increase store profitability and consolidate customer relations. We also maintain cordial business ties with many car dealers, vehicle fleet corporations, individuals, and insurance companies; connections that promote our franchisees’ success.

Co-franchising with Ziebart, the global leader in rust proofing, has raised our profile and leveraged our complementary strengths in product lines, geographical locations, task forces, technology platforms, marketing, and staff training. The results have increased penetration in the Canadian market and have led to growth through the acquisition of new national accounts.

Our franchisor–franchisee efforts have often received industry recognition. Uniban has received seven annual Maillon d’or awards from the Conseil québécois de la franchise.


The UniglassPlus/Ziebart banner

Being part of a franchise network also means sharing the brand’s mission, purpose, and vision, right down to the smallest detail. Doing so enables consumers to experience the brand at every point of contact, and to grow the brand’s reputation in the market. Here is an excerpt from the UniglassPlus/Ziebart brand declaration:

We are not here to repair vehicles, rather we are here to enhance them. We are merchants of enhanced versions. We sell upgrades, similar to upgrades for a smartphone. If the car is the basic material, we sell the program that improves and enhances it without making in-depth changes to it. In short, we sell the Plus.