Opening of the first Ziebart franchise in Canada – Long before the creation of the UniglassPlus banner, Ziebart outlets appeared in Canada offering rust protection, detailing, and window tinting. The first shop was in Windsor, Ontario, and was run by George and John Jameison


Shops, training, and promotion

  • 77 shops were opened in Canada. Ziebart grew faster than planned
  • Opening of a training school for new technicians in Toronto
  • 1st bilingual, national advertising campaign throughout Canada

Repositioning of the Ziebart brand. - The slogan "It's us. Or rust!" referred only to rust protection with no mention of the other products offered by Ziebart. It was time for a change. Ziebart's new advertising agency, DDB, came up with the slogan: “Nobody hates ugly more than Ziebart.”

Major partners - The Scarborough shop experienced years of remarkable growth due to its partnership and good relations with car dealers in the region. Their new approach was deployed throughout the network so that all shops could take advantage of a strategic alliance with car dealers.


Ziebart Brantford recognized - Terry Howard, who bought his franchise during a difficult year for the retail market, won the title of Canadian Franchise of the Year. His sales technique is the forerunner of the Ziebart marketing strategy promoting the lifetime warranty. 


The year of compliance - A new program for shop compliance is implemented so that customers can recognize the Ziebart brand.


Change in positioning - Now offering much more than rust protection products, Ziebart converted its detailing operations into Ziebart Tidy Car.


Annual Ziebart conference - 225 owners, their spouses, and employees took part in one of the largest Ziebart conferences. The Peterborough shop and its owner, Jim Enborg, won the award for shop of the year.


Opening of 10 shops in Quebec - Ziebart Canada transformed 10 Ziebart Permashine shops into Tidy Car shops. These were located in Saint-Léonard, Saint-Eustache, Laval, Chicoutimi, Ville-Vanier, Sillery, Sainte-Agathe, Hull, Sherbrooke, and Longueuil.


PENETR-OIL® rust protection in Ontario - Ziebart introduced an alternative permanent rust protection, a competitive, dripless, environmentally friendly product.


Consumer's choice – Ziebart won the prestigious Consumer Choice Award in the Rust Protection category in Toronto, Montreal, and Ottawa.

Association with Speedy Auto Glass - Ziebart expanded its product range and started co-branding with an auto glass installer.


Co-franchising with Ziebart The first co-franchising program in the automotive sector in Quebec was established between VitroPlus and Ziebart, the global leader in automotive rust proofing, paint protection, and detailing. The network then developed an ongoing training program and improved its customer service to meet the changing needs of consumers.


Arrival of Auto Glass Plus - The Barrie, Ontario franchise was the first to display the Ziebart Auto Glass sign.


Creation of Uniban Canada – To expand its network outside Quebec, the company formed a new holding company called Uniban Canada. This also served to protect the interests of the network and ensure its strategic development. UniglassPlus, a new banner, was also created to provide expertise in automotive glass to customers outside Quebec. For Canadians, Uniban Canada quickly became the preferred solution for processing claims and a truly technological company for all franchisees.


Acquisition of the Ziebart Canada master franchise – In June, 2007, Uniban Canada acquired the Ziebart Canada master franchise in addition to the rights of the 28 existing Ziebart franchises outside Quebec. This transaction resulted in the UniglassPlus/Ziebart franchise. The network now had the necessary elements to expand its diversified business model throughout Canada.


1st pan-Canadian company to recycle windshields – In April, VitroPlus/Ziebart and UniglassPlus/Ziebart again innovated by becoming the first and only franchise network to recycle windshields in Canada


Pay with your AIR MILES® reward miles  Customers could now exchange their AIR MILES® reward miles for VitroPlus/Ziebart and UniglassPlus/Ziebart products and services.


Maillon d’or award—Franchisor, Innovation Uniban Canada, headquarters, Groupe VitroPlus & UniglassPlus Inc., won the Maillon d’or for innovation in franchising for creating its technological platform for Insurance Glass Claim Management. Today Uniban Canada is the leading automotive glass claims manager in Canada.


Creation of the Uniban National League (UNL) – The UNL is an operating model designed to enhance and standardize the quality of customer experience. Supporting this model are an internal training program, mentoring, and motivational activities. The league allows for the development of best industry practices, to the benefit of our customers.

Maillon d’or award to a franchisor for innovation Uniban Canada, franchisor of the VitroPlus brand, won the coveted Maillon d’or Franchisor–Innovation award for creating the UNL operating model.

CQF Hall of Fame  The Conseil québécois de la franchise (CQF) inducted VitroPlus franchisor Uniban Canada into the CQF franchising hall of fame.


Launch of the new UniglassPlus/Ziebart logo – The year 2015 marks the completion of the project, begun in 2013, to change the brand positioning to better define the UniglassPlus identity. This renewal brings a breath of fresh air to the auto glass dealer network: new signs, building renovations, upgraded showrooms … and more! 

Maillon d’or award to a franchisor for innovation Uniban Canada, franchisor of the VitroPlus brand,won the coveted Maillon d’or Franchiseur–Innovation award for creating the UNL operating model. 

UniglassPlus announces the end of its partnership with AIR MILES.


Launch of the new Auto® application , exclusive to UniglassPlus, which allows you to start your vehicle from anywhere in the world on your smartphone, with no monthly fees.


Official launch of the Aegis Microbe Shield® treatment. The only antimicrobial treatment approved by Health Canada in the automotive industry. This product offers lasting protection against germs for an entire year.


With more than 50 years of experience, new operational synergy, and great determination, UniglassPlus/Ziebart has all the elements necessary to ensure its business continuity and continued growth as well as its strategic development in keeping with its tradition—to offer high-quality products and services combining comfort and security.