Aquapel® Rain-Repellent Treatment

Better visibility mean safer driving.
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Any kind of precipitation can increase the chances of an accident on the road. Poor weather conditions reduce visibility, not only for you but also for other drivers, and especially at night.

Drive more confidently in any weather condition with Aquapel® rain repellent treatment. Aquapel® is technologically designed for automotive glass to improve visibility in rain, sleet, and snow. Here are the benefits of Aquapel® rain repellent treatment:

  • Water beads and rolls off the windshield
  • Reduces glare during nighttime driving
  • Easier removal of ice and snow from the windshield
  • Easier removal of dirt and insect residue cleans up
  • Visual acuity improved by more than 35%

Other products just coat the glass which can come off quickly. Aquapel® forms a chemical bond with your windshield that lasts up to 6 times longer than other water repellent products. Just one application can last months!


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