Lifetime Warranty for your Windshield

Our Securi-Clear™ windshield warranty* ™ is available for your windshield repairs or replacement.

Poorly maintained roads often cause pebbles and other objects to hit your windshield causing chips and cracks that need repair or your entire windshield replaced. It’s not only frustrating and inconvenient, but it can be expensive too.

UniglassPlus offers you peace of mind with the Securi-Clear™ Warranty, which covers any future windshield repairs for free*, regardless of the number of impacts. There is no cost to you or your insurer, so you don’t have to make a claim or file a record with the IBC claims file!

We offer the Securi-Clear™ lifetime Warranty free of charge that covers all repairs if initially claimed through insurance as long as you own the vehicle.

Lifetime Warranty for your Windshield

*Details in store. Some restrictions apply.

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