Rain Repellent Treatments

An invisible barrier on your windshield protects against rain, snow, and other debris.

Rain and snow on your windshield increase the chances of getting into an accident. Bad weather and other debris reduce visibility and change the perception of distance of vehicles and objects in front of you, which makes driving more difficult, especially at night. With a rain repellent treatment, you can take to the road with confidence regardless of the weather. Rain repellent treatments dramatically improve visibility in rain, snow, and sleet and also help your wipers remove other debris, such as bugs and dirt.


Aquapel® rain repellent treatment is specifically designed for automotive glass. Aquapel® forms a chemical bond with glass, unlike other products that merely coat the glass. And one application can last several months. Take a look at what Aquapel® can do for your windshield:

  • Causes water to bead and roll right off the windshield, which significantly improves vision when driving in inclement weather
  • Significantly reduces light glare when driving at night
  • Facilitates ice and snow removal from the windshield
  • Makes it easier to remove dirt and insects from your windshield
  • Improves visual acuity by more than 35%

If you want the ultimate in a windshield rain repellent treatment, try iTEKT. After it is applied, the nanotechnology-based iTEKT compound creates an invisible layer that actually makes your windshield even more smooth than if it was brand new. You will be amazed how rain, snow and other outside elements simply slide away from your windshield.

  • Lasts up to a year
  • Invisible to the eye
  • Fog-free, no light halos and no streaking
  • Helps stop ice and frost from forming
  • All natural

Take some of the risk out of driving in inclement weather with either Aquapel® or iTEKT rain repellent treatment. We can apply it along with any other service you’re having done!


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