Windshield Recycling

UniglassPlus is committed to helping the environment.

What began as a 2-month trial period became the first pan-Canadian windshield recycling program. Since 2009 our effective system has helped ensure sustainable windshield recycling throughout Canada. Despite being a part of the automotive industry, UniglassPlus works diligently to provide sustainable solutions to reduce CO2 emissions.

The Windshield Recycling Process

Windshields are composed of two layers of glass separated by a plastic PVB film. To recycle the windshield, this film must be removed from the glass using a complex process. Once this film is removed, the windshield glass, which is 70% silica, can be recycled over and over. Our process reduces the energy needed to produce glass by about 25%.

When considering a company to repair or replace your windshield, know that your UniglassPlus location will recycle your windshield and keep it out of our nation’s landfills.


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