Soundproofing and undercoating

Reduces road noise by up to 60%!

If exterior noise from tires, dirt, and other road debris bothers you, our sound barrier is four times thicker than our undercoating. It cuts noise and vibration considerably, giving you a smoother ride, reducing noise, and also protects the underside of your vehicle.

This advanced, ultra-thick coating

  • is applied to all visible underbody surfaces
  • is abrasion and corrosion resistant
  • reduces car body vibration and noise
  • cuts road noise and vibrations by up to 60%

Did you know that you can bundle this service with an added value package?

Total Protection Package

The most complete interior and exterior protection. It renews, protects and keeps your vehicle looking new for years to come.


Renews and protects all fabrics and interior.

  • Application of Ziebart® INNER-GUARD ® Protector on fabric seats and carpets to protect against permanent stains and spills.
  • This treatment makes cleaning easier and preserves fabrics without altering colours or textures.


Protect -A-Shine® is a polymer-based protection that provides a glossy finish to your vehicle’s paint. Renews and protects the vehicle’s exterior.

  • Professional polish of painted surfaces eliminates fine scratches and the effects of oxidization.
  • Ziebart® Paint Protector locks in shine and blocks UV rays on all exterior surfaces.

Permanent Rust Protection

Durable rust-proofing treatment to preserve the value of your new or used vehicle.

  • Applied to all visible areas of the underside to seal out water and salt and make the surface resistant to road abrasion and rust.
  • Upper-body sealant penetrates seams, joints and hidden areas to keep salt and moisture out and prevent rust from starting.
  • (10) Ten-year warranty valid for all new vehicles.

Underbody Sound Barrier

Ultra resistant protection against noise and vibrations.

  • Thick coating absorbs stone impact and dampens noise-producing vibrations; provides a quieter and more relaxing ride.

Annual renewal program available at reduced rates for the duration of your service warranty. See details in store.


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