UniglassPlus / Ziebart - Rust protection treatment

Text Visual
Ziebart logo
  • A car is raised from the floor using a car lift. An employee is under the car spraying the rust protection treatment on the underside of the vehicle using a specialized spraying tool.
  • The employee is dressed in protective gear which includes: a white lab coat that also covers his head, blue rubber gloves, a black cap, goggles and a face mask.
The text appears on the right side of the screen:
‘’We’ve been protecting vehicles like yours for generations!’’
Ziebart logo
  • On a rainy evening a road truck circulates salting the roads. The road is covered with rainwater and snow.
  • A close up of a truck driving through a puddle of water.
The text appears in the center, at the top of the screen:
‘’Protected against rust’’
  • To the left of the screen is a drawing of the underside of a car. A visual animation demonstrating the areas that can be protected from rust.
  • To the right side of the screen is a drawing of a gray sports car. The doors, hood and trunk of the vehicle are open. A visual animation demonstrates the area of the body that can be protected with rust protection treatments.
The text appears in the center of the screen:
‘’Your automotive experts at work’’
UniglassPlus and Ziebart logos

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