Fleet and commercial vehicle

UniglassPlus/Ziebart specializes in servicing commercial and fleet detailing and conditioning, appearance, protection, and structural rust proofing services. Our service offering is designed to help reduce maintenance costs and maximize fleet resale values. We also honour most national fleet cards including:



Windshield Repair and Replacement – From stone chip repair to full glass replacement for cars and trucks, we’ve got you covered. What is more, we are the only company in Canada that sends the windshields we replace to be recycled. The Securi-Clear® Warranty is a significant cost-saving option. Aquapel window treatment is also available, providing significantly improved visibility in poor weather conditions.

Detailing We tackle quick cleanings as well as the most intensive and protective interior reconditioning and shampooing, exterior polishing, and wax applications, renewing the fleet to “like new” condition. From luxury executive vehicles to extreme-use field trucks, we offer the most cost-efficient, thorough, and resilient detailing and appearance protection services.

PPF – Paint Protection Film – We offer the most advanced and protective clear tape film to cover bumpers, hood, headlights, the back of side mirrors, rocker panels, and fenders so that there is a significant reduction in damage from debris. This protective film takes the hurt so that the paint doesn’t. The process makes washing the front of a vehicle easier, as bugs will be on the PPF rather than your paint, while reducing the possibility of damaging the vehicle by overscrubbing.

Rust Protection and Undercoating – Undercoating will cut down on the damage your fleet vehicles receive from road debris abrasion, while adding significant noise reduction. Sound barrier undercoating, applied at four times the thickness of our regular undercoating, will also mitigate underbody abrasion damage and further reduce road noise.

A 10-year rust protection warranty is available for any new or nearly new vehicle. This process begins by spraying the entire upper body and the inside of the framing on the underside with our clear, seam-penetrating application. Following the clear application, the underside exposed to the open road and the elements is sprayed with our black undercoating—again protecting the vehicle and reducing road noise. Annual, dripless rust protection options are also available.

Tinting – Any vehicle’s backglass or side windows can be tinted to ensure that when parked in an exposed area, tools and other valuables are further hidden from exposure. We offer various shades from Limo to 50%, all backed by a five-year warranty.

Paint Protection – Our Diamond Gloss® paint protection is second to none. With a 10-year paint protection warranty, we guarantee protection against UV damage, acid rain, tree sap, bird droppings, and more. An annual inspection and re-application is part of the warranty process and a valuable tool to ensure your vehicle investment is protected.

Fabric and Leather Protection – All fabrics are prone to staining from spilt coffee, grime, ground-in food, etc. Leather cracks, fades, and generally loses its lustre after a couple of years of use and UV damage.  We also offer the option of a 10-year fabric and leather protection warranty against staining on all carpets and seats, or fading and cracking in your vehicles. Again, an annual inspection is part of the warranty process.

Accessories – Alarms, remote starters, running boards, Tonneau covers, GPS, Bluetooth® technology - these and more—there isn’t much our teams can’t provide for your fleet.


When opening an account, preferred pricing becomes available for all employees who wish to take advantage of our services, through our Commercial/Fleet Employee Discount Program.