In 1959, visionary Kurt Ziebart invented a revolutionary rust proofing process that would change the way vehicles are protected against corrosion and wear.

At UniglassPlus/Ziebart, we continue to improve on that process, using the latest rust protection technology, and we are constantly perfecting the chemical composition of our products and our application process. Consequently, the Ziebart process is still unsurpassed today.

Permanent Rust Protection

Your best protection against corrosion and wear There are ongoing advancements in the automotive industry, yet rust continues to be a concern, and (…)

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Penetr-Oil® Annual Rust Protection

An effective, annual, dripless oiling process, with no unpleasant odours—available exclusively at UniglassPlus/Ziebart Complete rust protection (…)

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Tough coating  Protects your underbody and prevents rust When it comes to undercoating, UniglassPlus/Ziebart is second to none. Our heavy (…)

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Sound Barrier

Is road noise bothering you? You can cut it by up to 60%! If you are bothered by exterior noise from tires, dirt, stones on the road, and the like, (…)

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